Uni Sudoku for Mac

Uni Sudoku for Mac

Play the popular game of Sudoku on your Mac with Uni Sudoku. Enjoy the best aspects of the pencil and paper puzzle with all the advantages of playing on your computer.

  • Thousands of puzzles with guaranteed unique solutions and completely solvable by logic.
  • Full Undo/Redo support, no more erasing!
  • Rotate board when stuck for new perspective.
  • Immerse yourself in Full Screen mode for a meditative puzzling experience.
  • Full keyboard navigation if preferred.

An intuitive interface lets you make “pencil marks” and fill in guesses while staying in the flow of the game. Enjoy five levels of puzzle difficulty or enter your favorite puzzles from the newspaper, books and the Internet directly into Uni Sudoku.

best computer-based Sudoku game I’ve tried
-Dan Frakes

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